Application of a Three-dimensional Quality Control System Based on Permeable Fracture Information in a Dam Foundation Process
Keisuke KURIHARA#+, Takako MIYOSHI, Kazuhiko MASUMOTO
Kajima Corporation, Japan

In order to control the quality of the dam foundation processing, it is important to grasp the three-dimensional permeability in the foundation rock mass. As grout slurry infiltrates through the fractures in the rock mass, the quality should be evaluated by the permeable fracture information (its intensity, orientation and continuity) and construction data. However, since it requires a lot of time and labour, it is necessary to quickly extract information on rock permeability from the data obtained in the grouting process and to construct a system for easy evaluation and management. Focused on the image of borehole wall during grouting, we developed a technique to automatically extract fracture information and to quantitatively evaluate the three-dimensional continuity of fractures, using the image analysis and AI technique. Furthermore, as this fracture information is integrated with the construction information, the quality of dam grouting could be evaluated as a three-dimensional quality control system. This paper shows the results of application of this quality control system with the actual constructing dam site.