An Experimental Study On The Effect Of Waste Tire Rubber Particles On Shear Strength Characteristics Of Loess
Rongsen ZHU+, wan-li XIE#, Hui YANG
Northwest University, China

Abstract: With the development of automobile industry, the detriment of waste tires to human beings and the environment is gradually increasing. How to deal with them harmlessly or even make rational use of them has become a global concern. The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of waste tire rubber particles in improving the geotechnical characteristics of loess, and discuss the possibility of its application in slope engineering and subgrade engineering. Taking the particle size and content of rubber particles as variables, a series of ring shear tests were carried out on loess samples mixed with rubber particles. According to the shear strength of soil samples under various combinations, the optimal selection under different working conditions was obtained. In addition, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and computed tomography (CT) scanning tests were used to analyze the microstructure of the samples, including the contact relationship between rubber particles and soil skeleton particles, and the effect of rubber particles on the change of pore type, so as to explain the macro behavior of soil from the micro point of view.